About Ryan Henson

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I was the Conservative MP candidate for Bedford at the 2019 General Election, cutting the incumbent's majority to just 145 votes. Prior to that, I served four years as a Councillor in my home town of Hertford, in Hertfordshire.

I went to a Comprehensive school in St Albans. Upon leaving I worked in pubs and kitchens before joining the Civil Service, where I worked on human rights policy. After three years I left to resit my exams, spending evenings and weekends washing dishes to support myself, and subsequently gained a place to study History at a Russell Group university, Queen Mary, University of London.

I was the first in my family to enter higher education. I graduated with a 1st class degree and won a fully paid, and prestigious, academic scholarship to stay on for a further year, graduating with an MA.

I am Chief Executive of an international development organisation based in London, and my career to date has been spent supporting some of the most vulnerable individuals and communities in the Global South. Prior to my current role, I worked for CAFOD, the international aid agency.

The poor secondary school education I received has caused me to passionately believe that every individual, from every background, should have the opportunity to go as far in life as their hard work and ability will take them. No child should be held back by poor schools, bad politicians, hunger, disease, or lack of ambition. 

I am married to my partner, Daisy.