Ryan Henson speaks at Uprising Graduation in Bedford

On Thursday Ryan was asked to give a key note speech at the graduation ceremony of Uprising, a social mobility charity, in Bedford.

Commenting on the night, Ryan said: "I met some absolute stars who are going to go on & change the world. But it will be even harder than it should be.

Because no matter how talented, all the data suggests that if you go to a state school, you’re less likely to become a doctor; if you’re a woman, you’re less likely to become CEO; and if you’re from a BAME background, you’re less likely to reach the top of your chosen profession. And as far as I know I’m the only Parliamentary candidate who began their career washing dishes!

Our great country is awash with talent. Our challenge is to tear down the barriers & let everyone, from whatever background, go as far in life as their ambition, hard work and talent will take them."